Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

      Indulge yourself in a Customized facial  here at KUR Skin Lab. Celebrate your uniqueness with a facial tailored to you and only you.  Concerned about   large pores,stubborn post inflammatory scarring, Blotchy uneven skin tone and/or Dehydrated asphyxiated skin, does the list go on?

It probably does. There will always be something that could appear better.  PCA Skin care products have recently been featured in Beautywire Magazine as Top medical Skin Care. Treating conditions from progressive premature signs of agingActive Acne to Hyper-pigmentation PCA Skin Care products with a fitted course of treatments work wonders like the four leaved clover. This months must haves are as follows: PCAs Facial wash, Anti-redness serum, hydrating serum, acne gel, C-quench,Collagen hydrator,Retinol Renewal with restorative complex and protecting hydrator broad spectrum SPF 30. Application method: simply Cleanse; Correct; Hydrate; Protect. Night. Cleanse; Correct; Hydrate. Everyone is getting theres,Get yours.


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