Anti-aging Treatment

Anti-aging Treatment in Midtown East, New York City (NYC)

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Aging of the skin can be put into two categories: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic aging happens naturally over time and is determined by a person’s genetics. Mild facial wrinkling, expression lines, and dry, sensitive skin are likely a result of intrinsic aging. Extrinsic aging is a result of external factors like unprotected sun exposure, smoking, alcohol use, pollution, and other lifestyle choices. Sun exposure is the leading cause of extrinsic aging, resulting in breakdown of the skin’s support structure, discoloration, wrinkles, sagging, and in some cases even cancer. As we age, the appearance, texture, and structure of the skin deteriorates.

Our rejuvenating treatments are customized to treat and control: fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, uneven texture, and laxity. A treatment will be tailored to your specific skin condition, which may include: chemical peels, therapeutic masks, customized treatment serum infusion, retinoid enhancements or other advanced anti-aging solutions that best address the unique needs of your skin. Regular treatments help to achieve and maintain a fresh, bright, and youthful complexion.

Daily care is important to your success. Regular use of a simple, customized regimen will provide you with even more dramatic results. Let our licensed professionals recommend a daily routine to achieve your skin care goals.

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