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The KUR Team’s Current Favorite Treatment

What is our current favorite treatment at KUR Skin Lab? Laser Genesis Skin Therapy!

Why do we love it? Laser Genesis stimulates natural processes to promote vibrant and healthy skin, giving a more youthful appearance by treating conditions that are typically associated with aging and sun damage.

How does it feel? The treatment is often described as relaxing and therapeutic. There is a gentle warming sensationon on the skin’s surface during the procedure.

When can you return to normal daily activities? There is minimal downtime associated with this treatment. You can return immediatly to your normal routine, utilizing sunscreen if outdoors.

Where will you see improvements? Over the course of four to six treatments, Laser Genesis Skin Therapy:
– Safely and gently treats redness
– Continuously stimulates collagen production
– Improves appearance of fine lines, pores, rough texture and scaring

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