KUR Skin Lab Relaxes for Spa Week


On October 10, 2016, Urban Milan’s Rachel Kapur took advantage of our Fall 2017 Spa Week, visited us for our Therapeutic Massage with Essential Oils and Optional Guided Meditation, and left us an amazing review!


“Since we were in great need of relaxation we decided to try out the “Therapeutic Massage with Essential Oils”. Our therapist, Ivan, began the treatment with aromatherapy and led us into a state of relaxation. During the massage he explained reasons why knots are formed in the body and ways to alleviate them. The treatment was more then a massage and greatly relaxed us! We highly recommend check out KUR Skin Lab for a relaxing treatment.”


Thank you very much for visiting us, Rachel! We are so glad you enjoyed your experience with us, and hope to see you again for Fall 2018 Spa Week!

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