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Spa Week 2017 was a Success!

At KUR Skin Lab, we have had an amazing Spa Week! Here are the blogs that covered this year’s Spa Week:

TIMEOUT – New York: “Forget your endlessly-flooding mailbox and get ready to relax during Spa Week, NYC’s favorite time to chill out and one of the best things to do in spring in the city. This is not just one of the biggest NYC events in April….”

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: “Escape from the Man Cave — Don’t worry guys, Spa Week isn’t just for the ladies. If you’re facing a hairy dilemma, we’ve created the perfect treatment for you. The Bearded Boss Men’s Facial – at NYC’s very own KUR Skin Lab…”

CULTURESS: “The countdown to this ‘spa-nanza’ has begun, so here’s an early preview of some of the latest crazes to try (You can thank me later)…”

BEAUTY NEWS NYC: “Spa Week is April 17-23, and we found some great treatments to get your face and body summer ready. Spa Week is your chance to try a new spa, or a treatment that you always wanted to have, without spending the regular amount….”

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