Sensitive Skin Treatment

Sensitive Skin Treatment in Midtown East, New York City (NYC)

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We can calm redness, sensitivity, and rosacea.

Sensitive skin can present itself in a variety of ways. One typically experiences a combination of irritation, discomfort, bumps, redness, and inflammation of the skin. Dermatitis (commonly referred to as eczema), rosacea, and psoriasis are classified as sensitive skin conditions.

There are many contributors to this condition, including over-exposure to harsh topical ingredients or climates. Fragrances, lanolin, formaldehyde, latex, and menthol are common irritants that contribute to sensitization of the skin, and can lead to contact dermatitis. The use of aggressive chemical and mechanical exfoliants can also increase skin irritation.

If your skin is prone to dryness, irritation, sensitivity, or rosacea, our customized treatment can calm, soothe, and reduce the appearance of redness and flushing. We can provide a gentle treatment of your specific needs by infusing the skin with anti-inflammatory, redness-reducing, hydrating, and skin-strengthening ingredients to improve the health and appearance of your skin. An individualized treatment will be chosen specifically for you, and it may include chemical peels, therapeutic masks, customized serums infusion, retinoid enhancements, or other advanced treatment solutions that best address your unique needs of sensitive skin.

Daily care is important to your success. Regular use of a simple, customized regimen will provide you with even more dramatic results. Let our licensed professionals recommend a daily routine to achieve your skin care goals.

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