Microdermabrasion in Midtown East, New York City (NYC)

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• WITH ULTRASOUND (60 min $175)

• WITH LED LIGHT THERAPY (75 min $195)



Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive mechanical exfoliation treatment designed for superficial skin resurfacing, which improves the texture of the skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We use a safe diamond microdermabrasion system to exfoliate the upper layers of skin, and stimulate collagen growth in the lower layers, revealing healthy, vibrant skin. Removing the outermost layers of the skin in a controlled manner stimulates cell renewal, regenerates healthier skin, and allows skin care products to penetrate more effectively. The intensity can be varied from a light exfoliation to mild resurfacing in order to suit an individual’s skin concerns.

We offer basic and enhanced treatments. Microdermabrasion Basic takes about 60 minutes and consists of diamond skin exfoliation. Microdermabrasion Enhanced lasts about 75 minutes and involves additional treatments such as, LED Light Therapy, ultrasound, high frequency therapy, and/or serum infusion that further stimulate skin regeneration.

All Microdermabrasion treatments finish with applications of: skin-specific serums, hydrating masks, moisturizers, and broad spectrum SPF.

Is Microdermabrasion the right treatment for me?
Microdermabrasion is commonly used to treat photodamaged skin, and generally becomes part of an anti-aging treatment routine. It reliably improves: skin texture, superficial acne scars, congested skin, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores, stretch marks, and actinic keratosis. Treatments may improve fine lines and prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming. In addition to your face, it can be successfully used to rejuvenate the skin on your neck, décolleté, back, arms, and hands.

Is there any downtime after the treatments?
There is minimal down time associated with this treatment, which consists of 3 to 5 days of slight sensitivity or mild redness.

How many treatments will I need?
Microdermabrasion is a cumulative procedure. After the first session, your skin will feel softer, and you may see a very subtle improvement. Depending on your age, number and depth of wrinkles or scars, and thickness of your skin, a course of sessions is generally required to gain visible improvements. For optimal results, a series of 6 that is usually spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart is recommended.

Recommended Post-procedure Guidelines for Skin Treatments

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