Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic Massages in Midtown East, New York City (NYC)

Customize your Therapeutic Massage session:

QUICK-45 THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (45 min $75) Call Now

  • Enough for combination full body massage or targeted relief of tension areas
  • A quick address of stress with relaxation

IDEAL-60 THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (60 min $100) Book Now

  • Sufficient for combination full body massage or focused relief of tension areas
  • Ideal for: mild stress, relaxation, and calmness


  • Adequate for combination full body massage and dedicated relief of key areas that cause: tension, pain, and stress
  • Essential for: tense muscles, chronic pain, or neglected stress

ABSOLUTE-110 THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (110 min $135) Book Now

  • Ample for combination full body massage and devoted relief of pain or chronic stress
  • An absolute must for: tension, pain, and chronic stress

KUR offers a wide range of massage therapies rooted in holistic wellness and designed for results. Our restorative remedies encourage the body’s natural healing capabilities.

With the finest quality lotion and oil blends, KUR’s all-natural Biotone® lotions and creams deliver soothing and superior results. Enhance any therapeutic or specialty massage experience with aromatic, organic, and pure essential oils blend. KUR’s highly skilled team of massage therapists will customize a treatment specific for your body’s needs. A comprehensive consultation and assessment with one of our massage professionals will determine which combination of techniques is right for you. Below are the massage techniques that may be included into your treatment:


Swedish Massage therapy is a holistic, hands-on treatment that combines stroking, sliding, kneading, tapping, shaking, and other movements over the body. These techniques culminate to provide deep relaxation, decreased muscular tension, and reduced anxiety. Enhanced circulation, soothing of sore/stiff muscles, increased energy, and strengthening of the immune system are also benefits. Swedish Massage is often used to alleviate migraine, stress, and insomnia. This massage style is ideal for those trying a massage for the first time.


  • Achieves relaxation and calmness
  • Alleviates mental and emotional stress
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improves circulation
  • Strengthens immune system


Deep Tissue Massage therapy focuses on different layers of tissue, such as muscle, tendon, and fascia. It works to relax and lengthen muscles, and to release repetitive strain patterns. By applying deeper massage techniques to the specific body parts, this treatment helps relieve pain and strengthens muscle fibers and tissue. This massage technique is highly recommended for those with a busy and stressful lifestyle and those with chronic muscle pain. Temporary soreness is common during and after the treatment, but its benefits are often felt for long afterwards.


  • Heals and strengthens deeper muscle fibers and tissues, such as ligaments and tendons
  • Alleviates chronic muscle spasms often caused by working at a desk or performing manual labor
  • Manages repetitive strain injuries
  • Improves posture and well-being


Sports Massage therapy is specifically tailored to sporting injuries/ailments, performance, and recovery. This restorative treatment involves management, manipulation, and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including: muscles, tendons, and ligaments, releasing tension and restoring balance to the musculo-skeletal system. Though quite vigorous at times, this therapeutic massage can be carried out before or after physical activity or exercise. Our Sports Massage therapy is ideal for the relief of back pain, sore muscles, and aching legs.


  • Drains-away fatigue
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Manages pain
  • Improves heart rate
  • Relieves swelling
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Prevents injuries
  • Improves blood pressure


Pregnancy is a wonderful but challenging natural miracle. Prenatal massage therapy eases anxieties and strains caused by pregnancy, bringing much needed peace and tranquility to both mother and infant. It is similar in technique to a gentle full body massage and safe to receive after the first 3 months of pregnancy. To avoid abdominal pressure, your massage therapist will position you safely and comfortably throughout the treatment.


  • Reduces swelling around joints
  • Regulates hormones controlling stress levels
  • Eases back pain
  • Stabilizes blood pressure
  • Elevates mood
  • Relaxes body
  • Improves quality of sleep


Reflexology is a form of alternative therapy. By applying pressures to the hands and feet through thumb, finger, and hand techniques, they relieve tension, improve circulation, and promote the natural functions of the corresponding body areas. This treatment focuses on the reflex points of the hands and feet, which are linked by energy channels to each organ/system in the body. By manipulating specific areas, the body returns to a state of balance, which improves blood circulation and aids in detoxification. Let our professional massage therapists KUR you with an expertly crafted reflexology massage.


  • Relieves arthritis
  • Alleviates chronic fatigue, migraines, and headaches
  • Helps with asthma and sinusitis
  • Soothes anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Improves insomnia

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